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Black corduroy slim fit double-breasted suit

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This black corduroy suit is a high-quality and beautiful product that can meet your need for a stylish double-breasted suit. The design of this product is Italian, it is slim fit, and it has excellent and you can easily wear it with your shirts and ties to match.

This suit is drop 7,and for sewing a suit, using drop 7 can be a suitable option for men to achieve a more attractive style and have better clothes for their muscular body.

Fendo Schneider can personalize this single-breasted suit for you.

Coat Description:

  • The color of the jacket is black.
  • It is double-rowed.
  • Its collar model is pointed collar 9.8 Cm
  • It has inner lining satin.
  • No shoulder pads .
  • It has two pockets on the underside of the coat (flap pockets).
  • Has chest pocket.
  • It has four buttons at the top of the sleeve.
  • Half-canvas construction.

Pants Description:

  • The color of the trousers is black.
  • Off_centered Bund Schließung.
  • Has a zipper.
  • It has slanted side pockets and two pockets on the back.
  • The length of the pants is 115 cm.
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Slim Fit

Collar model

Pointed collar 9.8 Cm

Inner lining

Satin lining


Drop 7




Flap Pockets


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