How to take care of a suit is a very important thing that every person should pay special attention to. In this article, we intend to examine this important issue!

In addition to the fact that suits have an important effect on men’s style, due to the high price and quality of these clothes, it is also very important to observe the points of care for them.

Even if you have a lot of suits in different colors and designs, it is better to be familiar with the methods of maintaining suits to keep and use them for a long time.

And this point is also important about the suit, because these clothes are mostly used in formal ceremonies and parties. It must always be seen as new to shine in it. Failure to properly take care of a suit will make it obsolete.

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Methods of keeping the suit

  • Rest the suit

One of the most important points in take care of a suit is not to use it continuously and every day. The fabric fibers of this cloth need to rest to return to their shape, and it is better to hang it for 24 hours.If you have to wear a suit every day because of your job position, you can buy one or two more suits in addition to having a variety of styles to make your clothes last longer so that they need less washing by changing them.

And if your budget is limited and you cannot afford to buy several pairs of suits, in such cases, the best way is to buy a pair of suits along with an extra pair of pants.

Because pants usually get dirty and old sooner than coats. So if you like a suit and want to use it for a long time, having an extra pair of pants will help you a lot.


  • Use a quality hanger

The second point in take care of a suit is to use a suitable and high-quality hanger to hang it in the wardrobe.

A suitable hanger for a suit should be proportional to the width of the shoulders of the suit and its width should not be too thin so that your suit does not become deformed after a while.

  • Use the cover fir suit

One of the best ways to take care of a suit is to use a special cover for suits and pants. Using a suit cover protects it from dust, moisture and insect penetration and makes your suit always look new. Make sure to choose a cover for your suit that allows for air flow

  • Sufficient space for hanging

It is very important to have enough space to hang your clothes. Placing clothes next to each other and sticking together will cause them to wrinkle. It will prevent the passage of air between the clothes. In this way, it may cause moisture and damage to the fabric of the clothes.

  • Proper cleaning and washing of suits

To use the suit for a long time and keep it new, how to wash and clean it will have a very important effect.You should know that washing the suit too much can damage it. Because chemicals damage the fabric fibers and in addition to causing quality loss and bad appearance. And if you need to wash it, take it to the dry cleaners.Brushing can be a good way to keep the suit clean. We suggest you a soft brush so as not to damage the fibers of the clothes .

Be noticed this item is an important tip in take care of a suit!

  • Keeping suit pockets empty

When wearing a suit, it is better to keep its pockets empty or avoid putting heavy items in your jacket pockets. Because the fullness of the pockets causes the loss of their correct form, And it also spoils the beauty of your suit and affects your style.


  • Proper folding of the suit

It is very important to fold the suit correctly because it makes your suit last longer and stay healthier. If you are traveling with your suit, you must do well how to fold it and put it inside the suitcase. especially if you are going to use this suit in a conference meeting or any type of seminar.

It is not pleasant to wear a wrinkled suit, so it is better that you think about keeping it properly before you think about ironing it. The best way is to put it in a special cover instead of putting it in your suitcase. In any case, if you have to carry it in your luggage; By following these instructions You can easily do this and take care of a suit:

Straighten the suit and then put your hand in one of your sleeves and turn it over. Dip the other shoulder of the coat into the inverted shoulder and fold the coat vertically. Fold the coat horizontally and precisely in the middle. that the top of the collar and the bottom of the coat are next to each other, then you can put it in the suitcase.

The above points were the most important points that we should pay attention to when take care of a suit.