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Dark blue suit handmade

1'099.90 CHF


This navy blue suit consists of three pieces and is 85% handmade, the design is Italian and perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions, if you choose this suit you will get a high quality, beautiful and well sewn product.

  • Hand made 85%, Full Canvas

This suit is drop 7,and for sewing a suit, using drop 7 can be a suitable option for men to achieve a more attractive style and have better clothes for their muscular body.

Fendo Schneider can personalize this single-breasted suit for you.

Coat Description:

  • The color of the blazer is navy blue.
  • 85% is handmade.
  • It is single-row.
  • collar model is pointed collar 12cm.
  • No shoulder pads.
  • It has two pockets at the bottom of the blazer (Flap pockets)
  • Has chest pocket.
  • It fastens with two buttons at the front.
  • It has four buttons at the top of the sleeve.

Vest description:

  • The color of the vest is navy blue.
  • 85% is handmade.
  • It has a beautiful and stylish design.

Pants Description:

  • The color of the trousers is navy blue.
  • 85% is handmade.
  • Featuring a button at the waist.
  • Has a zipper.
  • It has diagonal side pockets and two pockets on the back.
  • The length of the pants is 115 cm.
Product code



Three Pieces


Modern Fit

Collar model

Pointed Collar 12cm

Fully lined



Drop 7

Care instructions

Dry clean only


Flap pockets


Super 160S Wool


Dark blue


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Dark blue suit handmade Dark blue suit handmade

1'099.90 CHF

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