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In this article, we will explore the importance of proper suits in people’s success.

A suit gives men personality and it is better to use a suit for formal situations like important business meetings and formal gatherings.

But suits can also be used in everyday life. A suit can be used in all sorts of situations and is an inseparable part of a successful men’s outfit because wearing a suit for men can give them a certain masculinity and masculinity.

In this article we want to tell you how to use a suit in different situations and places. So if you want to know where men’s suits can be used, follow this article.

In this case, we want to inform you, dear ones, that at the end of the article, with the information received, you can make the best choice.

Introduction to using suits

According to studies and research, using a suit is one of the best ways to dress for men, as determined by a survey of men.

The use of suits in men is of particular importance as they are a sign of a person’s personality and masculinity. Men mostly try to wear dark suits in order to look serious and consistent at office work or meetings, because dark colors in a suit make many people look determined, and at the same time the style is beautiful and stylish.

created for men. A university in California, according to experiments on several people, achieved interesting results, which we will inform you about. In this psychological experiment, the more formal the person’s suit was, the more people’s reactions to them changed.

The people around them respected the style of the suit differently than the person they saw every day. This made them realize that it is better not to neglect the use of formal suits in office work and formal meetings in order to impress the audience.

The results of using suits in research

When researching the use of suits in society and studies of audience behavior, they came to the conclusion that the more formal a person’s suit is, people’s opinions about it differ and they think that the person in question is powerful and It is with higher self-confidence.

Wearing a suit makes them more visible in society and allows them to better assess themselves.

As a result, the psychologists in this project came to the conclusion that the more formal the men’s suit, the more self-confidence they have, and they are considered a successful person in society.

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The use of suits in public

If you are one of those people who only wear a suit in gatherings, I must say that you are very mistaken and cannot limit the use of a suit to gatherings and use it in routine work such as office work or parties.

Use it and show your masculine personality and high self-confidence and convey this feeling to the people around you and appear very respectable in the company of friends.

If you want to be impressive among the people around you, use a variety of suits that will improve your level.

Wearing a suit, because it is successful for men, can in many cases have an extremely positive effect on those around you and all of them have a positive effect on you, which in turn makes you more confident.

The difference between people who wear suits and other people

If you include the suit in your everyday life and use it for office work, you are one step ahead of the simply dressed.

Because these people appear in society with a higher self-confidence than civilians, and this style resonates 100 percent more than civilians.

In office work, less attention is paid to people in plain clothes, and people who wear trousers in their style are always noticed and their work is followed more seriously.

Positive points of using suits between people

There are a number of positive points about the use of suits in society that we would like to mention. Those who wear suits are mostly those who have high education, and according to their innate personalities, they like suits more than other clothes, and it is normal for them to wear them because they like to be in groups that look good.

You can be presented as a mature and unique person, which is one of the beautiful things about this style. Those who enjoy wearing suits belong to those people with strong personalities, who speak decisively, make clear decisions and are very serious about their work, which makes them unique among the people in society.

The best use of suits in formal events

The best use of a suit at an official ceremony is to choose the right one instead of a suit. If you want to go to an official ceremony, it is better to wear a dark pants suit, since dark colors make men look more attractive, especially in suits, which have a great influence on male style.

I hope that you have used these materials sufficiently and wisely and can make the best choice when buying or sewing a matching pantsuit.

Today, in this comprehensive article, we are going to take a look at Several tips about suits that every man should know

For many men, wearing a suit or a single coat means a certain elegance. It makes them look more mature and more serious. Suits are still the most popular choice for men in formal gatherings all over the world. This has made similar styles have many fans. The use of single coats and overcoats that borrowed their shape from formal coats also has its own fans all over the world. In this article, we will discuss some things that if you know about the suit, everything will go much more attractive.

Should we buy a suit or not?

First of all, you need to know what event you want the suits for? A business appointment? wedding party? Or maybe a friendly date where you need to show off your manly charm to get noticed?

If you have never had the experience of buying a suit, we suggest you start with two common but extremely attractive colors. Dark blue or charcoal gray. These two colors rarely suit anyone’s body. So try them.

These two colors leave you free to choose shirts and ties. Of course, the best choices in classic suits are simple and one-color shirts.

Bolder jackets and pants

If you want to be a little different and don’t wear a suit of one color, without a doubt, the best choice is the four house suit. Four-way suits are especially great for the 25-40 age range. You can also go for striped designs for the shirt and have a different choice about the crotch. This combination makes you very stylish for almost everywhere. You can go beyond the conventional rules and even use this combination for work dates. Maybe a little flexibility is needed so that your business meeting will achieve more than a few cups of tea and attention will be drawn to your suit and then to your speech.

Checkered Casual Blazer

Buttons and the constant challenge, which to close and which not to close

Once you have chosen the color and pattern of the fabric you want for the suit, now you have to decide on this ever-present challenge. Single button coat or two or more button coat. It is not difficult.

There are usually two different models of jackets in terms of their buttons, which are called single-breasted or double-breasted. Single-breasted jackets are those that have one or two buttons, and double-breasted jackets are those that have two, four, or six buttons. The choice between the two depends mostly on your own styles. But single-breasted suits are more common. So if you want to look a little different and of course more powerful, choose a double-breasted coat to give yourself a new experience of masculine charm. Just remember, you should never close the bottom button when wearing a single-breasted jacket. But in double-breasted jackets, two buttons will be a part of your style.

Another tip when it comes to choosing between one-button and two-button suits is knowing what occasion you’re choosing the suit for. Usually, two-button jackets are chosen for more formal events, because the lower button closure makes more of your shirt visible. Jackets with more than 2 buttons are suitable for more informal events.

The importance of fabric

It is interesting to know that the type of suits you wear has a direct relationship with whether it is formal or informal. Formal coats are usually made of wool. Their quality depends on the quality and type of wool used.

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Of course, it is better to find their weak point as well. Woolen fabrics wrinkle much more and faster, and you should get rid of the thought of wearing them in office and work environments. Because their order and decorum is at the level of an official assembly and they are not suitable for the work environment.

Venice Jade Green Two Pieces Suit

Size size and again size

Your suit size should not be too big. Make sure that the shoulders of the coat are not bigger than your shoulders. The length of the suits, except for exceptions, has fixed standards that must be followed. These subtle points make you look handsome and elegant. For regular coats that are not too long or short, when you wear the coat, put your hands by your body while standing, the length of the coat should be up to the tip of the thumb. The length of the sleeve should be such that one or two centimeters protrude from the edge of the shirt sleeve.

The length of the collar of the coat should be such that the collar of the shirt is outside the coat.

Pay attention to the length of the pants. The back edge of the pants should reach the lower edge of your shoe heel and your socks should not be seen when you walk. Of course, pay attention to the color of the socks and choose the same color as your pants. In addition, these days, it is no longer common to wear very loose and very tight pants in a suit.

An important point in suits pants is that their waist can be narrowed or widened by half to one size, and you won’t have to worry much about having pants that fit your figure.

Buying a suit , is very important thing that you’ll pay attention to it!

A suit is considered as a formal clothing for men, the wrong choice of it can make them look messy. In general, the right  suit can make you look neat, stylish and of course well-dressed.

This shows the importance of choosing a suit that fits your body. Keep in mind that you can’t buy the right clothes just by paying more money; But the tightness and looseness and the size of the clothes are very important in its fit on your body.

If you want to make a big impact, you need to know how to look good in a suit. Men  should pay attention to important points such as the right size or color and model When choosing and buying a suit, so that they look stylish and attractive with less costs.

GENEVA Light gray double breasted suit

But what are the features  of your suitable suit? This is a question that can be answered by examining various points of choosing a suit.

The first and most important thing you should pay attention to it , when buying a suit is its size, the size of the suit should fit your figure, neither tight nor loose.

When you buying a suit, paying attention to the shoulder size is very important. And if you are not careful in this matter, the presence of an asymmetric and inappropriate shoulder will endanger your look and style.

The length of the coat should be parallel and in line with your sleeve, and from the back, the end of the coat should be on the hips and not below it

To choose a suitable pair of trousers, you should consider various points. One of these things is the length of the pants. The length of the pants should be long enough to completely cover the shoes. Also, being short doesn’t make you look good.

The best way to accurately measure the length of your pants is to wear the shoes you want. After putting on the shoes, the end of the pants should be exactly above the shoes so that the size is correct.

Along with the length of the pants, its size is also very important in terms of whether it is tight or loose.

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Your body style plays an important role in choosing the right suit, whether you are fat or thin, short or tall, or having an athletic body are some of the points that you should pay attention to when choosing a suit.

Each suit model is suitable for any specific body type and style. Maybe it is for these differences that different models of suits are sewn and embroidered all over the world.

People who are not tall, it is better to use striped jacket models with the same colors between the pants and jacket to make your height appear taller.Tall people can prefer suits with contrasting colors and checkered designs.

Also, two-button jackets are suitable for short people, and if you are taller, three-button jackets are better for you.

Men who have a thin body should choose suits with busy designs because using this type of suit makes the thinness less visible. It is better for sportsmen and men who have a large body to use suits with dark colors as well as simple ones. Coats that have a cut are the best option because such coats make the upper body look slimmer.

Note that the size of the sleeve is also very important in the effect of the suit. The sleeve of the coat should not be too long, the best size for the sleeve is that the sleeve of your shirt should be one centimeter below the sleeve of the coat.

Suit color is another important criterion for buying a suit for men. The color of clothes has a great effect on the attractiveness and beauty of men’s faces and style. The  color of suits is generally chosen based on the color of the skin, the use of the suit, etc. For example, suits that are black are suitable for people with fair and medium skin. But it is not a suitable option for people with  Brunette and dark skin color. Gray suit: This type of suit is suitable for any skin color. People with light skin to very dark skin can use it. But a brown suit is only suitable for white people.

Dark blue suit, this suit is one of the most popular suits that are generally used by all people. Of course, dark blue color is more suitable for white or medium skinned people

In addition to choosing the right color in buying a suit, the situation and place where you are going to use it is very important in choosing a suit.

Men’s suits are available in a variety of models, sports suits, formal men’s suits for parties, and formal office suits, each of which is suitable for certain places.

Formal suits usually have dark colors and their fabrics are simpler, so brightly colored, patterned, or shiny coats are not suitable for meetings or formal parties.

The workplace has little formality compared to other situations, but the formality is still there. Because it is a daily occurrence. But unlike other formal situations and parties, it is necessary to choose a more comfortable suit in which you can be free and comfortable while working. This suit should not tire you during the day. Single button jackets are a perfect cover for the workplace.

Dark jade double breasted suit

A final point in buying a suit, different fabrics are used to sew men’s suits, each of which has special characteristics. Some of these fabrics with attractive designs are suitable for sports models, and others are used for sewing formal and classic suits.

We hope that you will choose the most suitable suit for you by observing these tips, surely choosing the right clothes in addition to the effect it has on your style and beauty will also increase your self-confidence.

The points mentioned in the above article were the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying a suit.

The Type of Suit Pockets Review

In general, there are different methods for sewing a suit. The diversity in the types of suit pockets of men’s trousers has also caused different trousers to be sewn on a daily basis and offered to the trousers market; However, any type of pocket is suitable for a type of suit.

Perhaps choosing the type of pocket for a suit does not seem very important; However, people who intend to order a suit or sew a suit should be familiar with the types of trousers pockets and choose one of the types of suit pockets according to their taste.

When the first suit was sewn in the world, maybe many people did not imagine that suit sewing would spread so much in today’s world, so that different models of men’s suit pockets are sewn every day. It might be interesting for you to know that all kinds of men’s trousers pockets are used in the world to sew men’s trousers suits; But which of the types of men’s trousers pocket is more beautiful? Which of the types of men’s suit pockets is more common? Continue with us to introduce you to 5 models of men’s trousers pockets.

Flat pockets

Beige And Blue Checkered Casual Blazer

First of all, it is good to introduce to you the simplest and at the same time the oldest type of trousers pocket. The flat pocket for the suits available all over the world has a historical date, and in general, many formal men’s suits have this type of pocket. As the name of this type of pocket suggests, in this type of men’s trousers pocket, a square fabric is placed on the pocket of the trousers. Flat pocket is one of the most common suit pockets used in sewing trousers. In the picture below, you can see an example of this type of pocket. If you plan to sew a formal and casual suit, this type of pocket is very suitable for you. Flat pocket is not suitable for sports and informal suits!

Pipe pockets

Maybe you are not familiar with the term tube pocket. In this type of pocket, the suits are sewn with a special method so that no edge is left out of the pocket. The beautiful shape of tubular pockets has made many tailors use this type of pocket for sewing suits. In fact, the tubular pocket of a suit is one of the types of suit pocket that is sewn in a special way. In this method, the tailor creates a simple double pocket for the suits pocket in the form of an embroidered strip or according to his taste. The tubular pocket of the suits has easier access; Because a piece of cloth is not placed on it and it is easy to remove the items in the pocket in one move!

If the tubular pocket of the suits is sewn carefully and clean stitching is used for it, this type of pocket can be considered one of the most beautiful types of suit pockets. The tubular pocket of the suit can be used for formal and more casual suits.

patch pockets

Patch pockets are one of the types of men’s suit pockets. This type of pocket is mostly used for everyday and informal or sports suits. Therefore, if you plan to have a formal office suit, don’t even think about choosing patch pockets. Patch pockets are made of a piece of fabric separate from the jacket. In fact, to sew this type of pocket on a suit, the tailor will place a piece of fabric of a certain size on your suit. This method is one of the less used pocket sewing methods. Of course, one of the advantages of sewing patch pockets for  suits is its convenience and availability. The ease of sewing this type of pocket has made them become patch pockets, one of the oldest and simplest pockets of suits.

 sloping pockets

One of the types of suit pockets is the slanted pocket. In this type of pocket, the tailor sews the pocket of the pants in a slanted way. The method of sewing sloping pockets goes back to ancient times. At that time, people who were riders and wore trousers, for better access to the contents of the pockets of their trousers, sewed sloping pockets so that they could easily access the pockets of their trousers. In new pants, slanted pockets are sewn less and tubular or flat pockets are used more. Anyway, if you plan to sew a special pocket on your suit, this type of pocket is also an interesting option for you.

An interesting point for using slanted pockets

An interesting point for slanted pockets is that these pockets are very suitable for short and fat people. In fact, if you are short or fat, it is better to use a short sloped pocket instead of a simple flat pocket. This type of pocket makes you look taller than you are. Therefore, if you are thin or tall, try to use a simple pocket; Because sloping and crooked pockets make you look taller and thinner than you are.

Multiple pockets

Many people like to use many pockets in their suit. In the past, these types of pockets were known as train ticket pockets. It is interesting to know that this type of pocket was used in the past for people who traveled a lot by train and put their train tickets in a special pocket. Nowadays, you will rarely find a suit with a train ticket pocket. Usually, there are 2 pockets of trousers which are placed opposite each other. Therefore, if you plan to have a casual and formal suit, it is better to avoid sewing a lot of pockets in your suit.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to 5 types of suit pockets models; However, you need to know a few things. If you like to have a formal and common suit, it is better to use a simple and flat pocket. The pocket of a flat suit with a square cut on it is a very suitable option for the suits of the elderly. If you are interested in casual and sporty suits, you can use a tube pocket. Now you can choose a slanted pocket or a straight pocket depending on your taste. Be careful that the most important point for sewing a pocket on a pantsuit is clean and simple sewing. Then ask your tailor to sew a clean pocket for you

Notch collar, courier collar and arch collar

The word collar (or more specifically collar turn) refers to the caps that are on the sides of the coat and under the collar. These two caps fold on both sides of the collar opening to the sides and backwards.

Many men may be hesitant to decide on the type of collar of their coat, but the type of collar you choose can say a lot about the style of clothing and the level of self-confidence. In my opinion, you will not be able to buy the right suit before deciding on the shape and type of collar.

Notch, courier and archal collars are the three main types of collars. Each of them has different widths, from 5 inches wide to very narrow widths. The collar should usually be 3 to 3.5 inches wide.

Notched or slit collar:

This style of collar is called “slit or slit” because of its lateral V-shape where the lapel edges meet the collar of the coat. The notch collar is the most common collar style in a suit due to its traditional and classic nature.

This style is versatile and fits both formal and informal looks. Whenever you have doubts about your style of dress, a suit with a notched collar is a safe and conservative choice, just like an all-white shirt.

There are three things to note about the notch collar. First, the width of the slit should match the width of your collar. This means that a narrow collar should have a small slit, but a wide collar can have a larger slit.

Notch collars usually look better on clothes with a row of buttons. So if you are planning to buy a dress with two rows of buttons, you should probably choose a courier collar.

A notch collar with a width of more than 4.5 inches may appear disproportionate; Unless the person’s chest is really wide and wide. If you are thin, you can achieve a good and fashionable look with a narrow slit. Or achieve a classic look with a gap of 3.5 to 4.25 inches.

types of collar

Peak or sharp collar:

First, let’s clear up some of the ambiguities about this name. If you are an American, you know this collar as a “peak” collar. But if you are English, “peaked” collar is probably a more familiar name to you. However, both terms refer to the same type of collar.

This type of collar is inclined upwards and is pointed or pointed at the edge of the collar and has a completely formal appearance.

Tight courier collar is not in fashion. So a width of 3.25 to 4.5 inches would be appropriate; But the width of the collar should not be too much because it can disturb the overall fit of your suit.

The courier collar looks great on two-row or single-row suits. However, courier collar cutting is a specialized and skillful art that raises the cost of a suit.

A well-cut pike collar will add a lot of beauty and charm to your style of clothing. But unfortunately, the bad cut of this type of collar can ruin your cover style.

If you are short or have a large body, a sharp collar is a good choice; This style makes you look taller and slimmer, so it suits you in every way.


Arched or wide collar(shawl):

You will probably only find this type of collar on a tuxedo. There are no gaps or cuts on the collar, but instead the edges are completely rounded. There are no strict rules regarding the width of the Arshal collar.

So here, too, remember the simple rule that the wider the collar, the more formal your look is, and the narrower the collar, the more up-to-date your look will be.

Simple Suits

This Suits usually has a notch collar and sometimes a courier and has only one row of buttons. Folding pockets, a small hidden pocket, and a simple sleeve head are the features of this style.
This style of coat fits snug or pleated pants, but wearing these pants will make you look too simple and cautious. So you can wear this coat with formal pants or linen
Formal shirts in blue, gray and white complement this style well. Avoid wearing a simple coat with a black shirt, as this color is chosen for formal evening ceremonies and mourning.
Features: One row of buttons, preferably two buttons with notch collar and folding pockets.
An example of this style of suit: The modern blue suede suede suit, designed by Tommy Hilfiger.


Work suit (commercial)

The suit you use to go to work or office should be dark blue and red. Dark brown is also suitable for work environments and organizations that are very traditional and dry. By using a mixture of wool and notch collar instead of courier collar, you can have a very classic look.
Blue shirts and brown shoes create a more dignified work look for you. Many middle-aged men think that wearing a brightly colored tie makes the serious look of their work suit more pleasing; But this is not the case.
You can add different colors to the details of your outfit, but try to play with different shades and spectrums instead of dealing with color contrast.
Models with one row and two rows of buttons are suitable for this type of suit. However, a model with two rows of buttons can probably have a greater impact on the work environment, and if you are worried that your boss is too interested in details, choose Katie with four buttons on the sleeve and formal pockets. .
The great thing about a work suit is its excellent versatility. After work, you can easily put on a tie, wear black shoes and get ready for any other social occasion.
Features: One row or two rows of buttons. If it has a row of buttons, it should have two or three buttons. This style can be simple or modern and usually has a courier collar, pockets with a formal design and four buttons on the sleeve.
An example of this style of suit: Royal blue wool blended suit, designed by Hockerty.

Formal suit

The word “formal” used to describe this type of suit should not be confused with the same word used to define the standard and custom of clothing.
The standard of formal dress determines when you should wear a trailing suit, a daytime suit, or even a white or black tie. But this is a completely different issue.
Here we will discuss a neat and elegant look that is one step higher than a simple suit. Formal dress can be worn as a wedding suit or for any occasion that is not appropriate for a casual suit. In addition, you can use this style for those semi-formal events that you want to be stylish and appropriate.
Features: Two rows or one row of buttons, with modern or straight fit, arc collar or notch collar, folding or slit pockets, sleeve head with four buttons.
An example of this style of suit: a blue wool suit with a straight line, designed by Tomasso Black.

Tuxedo model

Tuxedo is known as a night suit and is one of the most well-known suit styles. Tuxedo is a great outfit for weddings and other formal occasions.
The tuxedos are always black with red and are accompanied by an archal collar made of satin or thick silk. The pockets are also slit. If the tuxedo has eyelashes, they should be folded inwards.
In a good tuxedo, the buttons are covered with the same collar fabric. Avoid buying low-quality tuxedos with plastic, metal or ivory buttons.
Combining this style with suitable tuxedo pants will bring the best look. These pants have a satin strip on the lower and outer part of the legs and sometimes the slippers of the pants are packed.
It is allowed to cover the waist with a waistband and pants, but never use a belt in any way. A tuxedo shirt with a texture or pleats, black or white pipone and shiny formal or formal shoes will complete your look.
Features: Usually black or red, with archal collar and slit pockets.
An example of this style of suit: Archal collar serum tuxedo with straight cut, designed by Ferrecci

Casual coat (sport)

Casual coat is suitable for men who care more about the breathability and comfort of their clothes than appearance. Casual coats are semi-lined and are made of soft cotton, wool or linen fabrics.
The absence of a pad on the shoulder gives the casual coat a comfortable look. With this style of coat, you can add different colors to your wardrobe. This dress also encourages you to use different types of pockets and elbow patches.
You do not have to worry too much about the fit of your pants with your sports jacket. You can use linen pants or jeans to create a special look or choose stylish and neat pants for the work environment.
The presence of a square or rectangular pocket can have a good effect on the appearance of this coat.
Features: Notch collar with patch or folding pocket, sleeve usually has one or two buttons. This type of coat has a row of buttons and one or two buttons can be closed.
Example of this coat style: Informal sports jacket in light gray, designed by Coofandy.


Blazers are descendants of navy uniforms and are always dark blue or black. In other words, consider that school uniforms look more mature and structured than sports jackets. Blazers have wide, square pads at the shoulder, patch pockets, and V-shaped collars. Their fabric is usually as dense as spun wool, and streaks of golden color are common in them, for example, on buttons, combs, and in the form of striped designs.
You can pair your blazer with light colored linen pants or checkered pants and brown sneakers. Although the blazer coat ultimately looks more casual than a formal coat, it should be considered a more luxurious and higher quality version of a casual jacket.
Features: A row of buttons is usually very straight with a notch collar. This jacket can be closed with one or two buttons and has patched pockets.
Example: Black blazer with straight line, designed by Mage Male


The choice between a single breasted or double breasted depends on your personal preferences. A suit with buttons on both sides may look more formal, but it is perfectly justified and acceptable on most occasions and occasions.

Coats that have a row of buttons or buttons on one side usually have one, two or three buttons. Some of them have five or six buttons, but this is rarely acceptable and sometimes even seems excessive.

single breasted


Nowadays, coats with a row of buttons are often the most popular type of coats that people wear. This level of popularity is due to their simplicity as well as their versatility.

Single breasted coats can be defined by their pants. Matching pants in the same color give the suit a formal and appropriate look; At the same time, these coats can be easily worn with jeans or linen in more informal situations.

Coats that have buttons on both sides also have four buttons, is two buttons on each side. However, having three buttons on each side is more common today.

In addition to the button formatting, the next thing you will encounter in this coat style is the complementary and side fasteners, along with the extra fabric.

The number of connections can vary from one to three depending on the type of coat. The task of these fittings is to hold the extra fabric in its proper place, so that it closes on the opposite side of the front of the coat.

double breasted

double breasted suits are not as versatile as single breasted suits and are not applicable to everyone. In other words, they look very stylish and formal.

Coats buttons :

The most important feature about all types of men’s suits is their delicate details, and nothing better reflects this fact than the buttons.

It’s relatively important what your buttons are made of, but you should also be careful about the budget you have. The main focus of this article is on how many buttons you have on your coat. Most men have one-, two-, or three-button suits in their wardrobe, or ideally own one of each.

Buttons may be small, but they can make a huge difference in your appearance. How the buttons are fastened is also important.

Leaving the bottom button open is one of these details. The cut of most suits is such that it requires the last button of the coat to be left open. Closing the bottom button will ruin the pattern and the overall look, and will make you look like a failed and unsuccessful person in fashion.

Also, the design of your suit requires that you close the button of your suit only when standing. This will create the best shape and appearance. So when you decide to sit down, it’s time to dump her and move on.

Keeping the coat buttons closed while sitting can cause unpleasant and unattractive stretching and pressure. Opening the buttons will reduce the pressure on the coat fabric.

Single-breasted suit with One button:

If you are looking for an attractive and stylish look, a one-button suit is the ideal choice for you. The one-button jacket creates a V-shape on the collars, giving your body a slim and slender look.

You can attend most formal and social events with a one-button coat. This style is great for showing off your shirt and tie combination. However, it is possible to look a bit sloppy in a very formal and serious environment.


Single-breasted suit with Two-button :

This style is a more evolved and more mature relative of the one-button style. The jacket creates a completely classic look that can be worn and used by millions of men in different situations.

Despite the visual impact that this type of coat has on showing your body taller and slimmer, it will be really difficult to get a wrong impression of your appearance.

A smoky coat of any size and shape will give you a great look. It will also provide a stylish and elegant base to harmonize the rest of your outfit.

two button

Single-breasted suit with Three-button:

While this suit may still be stylish and fashionable, it is also a step towards a more conservative realm. This style, unlike its one-button and two-button relatives, is not able to show your limbs thin and elongated, and can not hide the appearance of the wearer’s limbs from the viewer.

If you are thin and taller than six feet, a three-button jacket can be a perfect choice. If the buttons on this type of jacket are closed, it will become exactly what you are looking for.

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