Notch collar, courier collar and arch collar

The word collar (or more specifically collar turn) refers to the caps that are on the sides of the coat and under the collar. These two caps fold on both sides of the collar opening to the sides and backwards.

Many men may be hesitant to decide on the type of collar of their coat, but the type of collar you choose can say a lot about the style of clothing and the level of self-confidence. In my opinion, you will not be able to buy the right suit before deciding on the shape and type of collar.

Notch, courier and archal collars are the three main types of collars. Each of them has different widths, from 5 inches wide to very narrow widths. The collar should usually be 3 to 3.5 inches wide.

Notched or slit collar:

This style of collar is called “slit or slit” because of its lateral V-shape where the lapel edges meet the collar of the coat. The notch collar is the most common collar style in a suit due to its traditional and classic nature.

This style is versatile and fits both formal and informal looks. Whenever you have doubts about your style of dress, a suit with a notched collar is a safe and conservative choice, just like an all-white shirt.

There are three things to note about the notch collar. First, the width of the slit should match the width of your collar. This means that a narrow collar should have a small slit, but a wide collar can have a larger slit.

Notch collars usually look better on clothes with a row of buttons. So if you are planning to buy a dress with two rows of buttons, you should probably choose a courier collar.

A notch collar with a width of more than 4.5 inches may appear disproportionate; Unless the person’s chest is really wide and wide. If you are thin, you can achieve a good and fashionable look with a narrow slit. Or achieve a classic look with a gap of 3.5 to 4.25 inches.

types of collar

Peak or sharp collar:

First, let’s clear up some of the ambiguities about this name. If you are an American, you know this collar as a “peak” collar. But if you are English, “peaked” collar is probably a more familiar name to you. However, both terms refer to the same type of collar.

This type of collar is inclined upwards and is pointed or pointed at the edge of the collar and has a completely formal appearance.

Tight courier collar is not in fashion. So a width of 3.25 to 4.5 inches would be appropriate; But the width of the collar should not be too much because it can disturb the overall fit of your suit.

The courier collar looks great on two-row or single-row suits. However, courier collar cutting is a specialized and skillful art that raises the cost of a suit.

A well-cut pike collar will add a lot of beauty and charm to your style of clothing. But unfortunately, the bad cut of this type of collar can ruin your cover style.

If you are short or have a large body, a sharp collar is a good choice; This style makes you look taller and slimmer, so it suits you in every way.


Arched or wide collar(shawl):

You will probably only find this type of collar on a tuxedo. There are no gaps or cuts on the collar, but instead the edges are completely rounded. There are no strict rules regarding the width of the Arshal collar.

So here, too, remember the simple rule that the wider the collar, the more formal your look is, and the narrower the collar, the more up-to-date your look will be.