Simple Suits

This Suits usually has a notch collar and sometimes a courier and has only one row of buttons. Folding pockets, a small hidden pocket, and a simple sleeve head are the features of this style.
This style of coat fits snug or pleated pants, but wearing these pants will make you look too simple and cautious. So you can wear this coat with formal pants or linen
Formal shirts in blue, gray and white complement this style well. Avoid wearing a simple coat with a black shirt, as this color is chosen for formal evening ceremonies and mourning.
Features: One row of buttons, preferably two buttons with notch collar and folding pockets.
An example of this style of suit: The modern blue suede suede suit, designed by Tommy Hilfiger.


Work suit (commercial)

The suit you use to go to work or office should be dark blue and red. Dark brown is also suitable for work environments and organizations that are very traditional and dry. By using a mixture of wool and notch collar instead of courier collar, you can have a very classic look.
Blue shirts and brown shoes create a more dignified work look for you. Many middle-aged men think that wearing a brightly colored tie makes the serious look of their work suit more pleasing; But this is not the case.
You can add different colors to the details of your outfit, but try to play with different shades and spectrums instead of dealing with color contrast.
Models with one row and two rows of buttons are suitable for this type of suit. However, a model with two rows of buttons can probably have a greater impact on the work environment, and if you are worried that your boss is too interested in details, choose Katie with four buttons on the sleeve and formal pockets. .
The great thing about a work suit is its excellent versatility. After work, you can easily put on a tie, wear black shoes and get ready for any other social occasion.
Features: One row or two rows of buttons. If it has a row of buttons, it should have two or three buttons. This style can be simple or modern and usually has a courier collar, pockets with a formal design and four buttons on the sleeve.
An example of this style of suit: Royal blue wool blended suit, designed by Hockerty.

Formal suit

The word “formal” used to describe this type of suit should not be confused with the same word used to define the standard and custom of clothing.
The standard of formal dress determines when you should wear a trailing suit, a daytime suit, or even a white or black tie. But this is a completely different issue.
Here we will discuss a neat and elegant look that is one step higher than a simple suit. Formal dress can be worn as a wedding suit or for any occasion that is not appropriate for a casual suit. In addition, you can use this style for those semi-formal events that you want to be stylish and appropriate.
Features: Two rows or one row of buttons, with modern or straight fit, arc collar or notch collar, folding or slit pockets, sleeve head with four buttons.
An example of this style of suit: a blue wool suit with a straight line, designed by Tomasso Black.

Tuxedo model

Tuxedo is known as a night suit and is one of the most well-known suit styles. Tuxedo is a great outfit for weddings and other formal occasions.
The tuxedos are always black with red and are accompanied by an archal collar made of satin or thick silk. The pockets are also slit. If the tuxedo has eyelashes, they should be folded inwards.
In a good tuxedo, the buttons are covered with the same collar fabric. Avoid buying low-quality tuxedos with plastic, metal or ivory buttons.
Combining this style with suitable tuxedo pants will bring the best look. These pants have a satin strip on the lower and outer part of the legs and sometimes the slippers of the pants are packed.
It is allowed to cover the waist with a waistband and pants, but never use a belt in any way. A tuxedo shirt with a texture or pleats, black or white pipone and shiny formal or formal shoes will complete your look.
Features: Usually black or red, with archal collar and slit pockets.
An example of this style of suit: Archal collar serum tuxedo with straight cut, designed by Ferrecci

Casual coat (sport)

Casual coat is suitable for men who care more about the breathability and comfort of their clothes than appearance. Casual coats are semi-lined and are made of soft cotton, wool or linen fabrics.
The absence of a pad on the shoulder gives the casual coat a comfortable look. With this style of coat, you can add different colors to your wardrobe. This dress also encourages you to use different types of pockets and elbow patches.
You do not have to worry too much about the fit of your pants with your sports jacket. You can use linen pants or jeans to create a special look or choose stylish and neat pants for the work environment.
The presence of a square or rectangular pocket can have a good effect on the appearance of this coat.
Features: Notch collar with patch or folding pocket, sleeve usually has one or two buttons. This type of coat has a row of buttons and one or two buttons can be closed.
Example of this coat style: Informal sports jacket in light gray, designed by Coofandy.


Blazers are descendants of navy uniforms and are always dark blue or black. In other words, consider that school uniforms look more mature and structured than sports jackets. Blazers have wide, square pads at the shoulder, patch pockets, and V-shaped collars. Their fabric is usually as dense as spun wool, and streaks of golden color are common in them, for example, on buttons, combs, and in the form of striped designs.
You can pair your blazer with light colored linen pants or checkered pants and brown sneakers. Although the blazer coat ultimately looks more casual than a formal coat, it should be considered a more luxurious and higher quality version of a casual jacket.
Features: A row of buttons is usually very straight with a notch collar. This jacket can be closed with one or two buttons and has patched pockets.
Example: Black blazer with straight line, designed by Mage Male