The Type of Suit Pockets Review

In general, there are different methods for sewing a suit. The diversity in the types of suit pockets of men’s trousers has also caused different trousers to be sewn on a daily basis and offered to the trousers market; However, any type of pocket is suitable for a type of suit.

Perhaps choosing the type of pocket for a suit does not seem very important; However, people who intend to order a suit or sew a suit should be familiar with the types of trousers pockets and choose one of the types of suit pockets according to their taste.

When the first suit was sewn in the world, maybe many people did not imagine that suit sewing would spread so much in today’s world, so that different models of men’s suit pockets are sewn every day. It might be interesting for you to know that all kinds of men’s trousers pockets are used in the world to sew men’s trousers suits; But which of the types of men’s trousers pocket is more beautiful? Which of the types of men’s suit pockets is more common? Continue with us to introduce you to 5 models of men’s trousers pockets.

Flat pockets

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First of all, it is good to introduce to you the simplest and at the same time the oldest type of trousers pocket. The flat pocket for the suits available all over the world has a historical date, and in general, many formal men’s suits have this type of pocket. As the name of this type of pocket suggests, in this type of men’s trousers pocket, a square fabric is placed on the pocket of the trousers. Flat pocket is one of the most common suit pockets used in sewing trousers. In the picture below, you can see an example of this type of pocket. If you plan to sew a formal and casual suit, this type of pocket is very suitable for you. Flat pocket is not suitable for sports and informal suits!

Pipe pockets

Maybe you are not familiar with the term tube pocket. In this type of pocket, the suits are sewn with a special method so that no edge is left out of the pocket. The beautiful shape of tubular pockets has made many tailors use this type of pocket for sewing suits. In fact, the tubular pocket of a suit is one of the types of suit pocket that is sewn in a special way. In this method, the tailor creates a simple double pocket for the suits pocket in the form of an embroidered strip or according to his taste. The tubular pocket of the suits has easier access; Because a piece of cloth is not placed on it and it is easy to remove the items in the pocket in one move!

If the tubular pocket of the suits is sewn carefully and clean stitching is used for it, this type of pocket can be considered one of the most beautiful types of suit pockets. The tubular pocket of the suit can be used for formal and more casual suits.

patch pockets

Patch pockets are one of the types of men’s suit pockets. This type of pocket is mostly used for everyday and informal or sports suits. Therefore, if you plan to have a formal office suit, don’t even think about choosing patch pockets. Patch pockets are made of a piece of fabric separate from the jacket. In fact, to sew this type of pocket on a suit, the tailor will place a piece of fabric of a certain size on your suit. This method is one of the less used pocket sewing methods. Of course, one of the advantages of sewing patch pockets for  suits is its convenience and availability. The ease of sewing this type of pocket has made them become patch pockets, one of the oldest and simplest pockets of suits.

 sloping pockets

One of the types of suit pockets is the slanted pocket. In this type of pocket, the tailor sews the pocket of the pants in a slanted way. The method of sewing sloping pockets goes back to ancient times. At that time, people who were riders and wore trousers, for better access to the contents of the pockets of their trousers, sewed sloping pockets so that they could easily access the pockets of their trousers. In new pants, slanted pockets are sewn less and tubular or flat pockets are used more. Anyway, if you plan to sew a special pocket on your suit, this type of pocket is also an interesting option for you.

An interesting point for using slanted pockets

An interesting point for slanted pockets is that these pockets are very suitable for short and fat people. In fact, if you are short or fat, it is better to use a short sloped pocket instead of a simple flat pocket. This type of pocket makes you look taller than you are. Therefore, if you are thin or tall, try to use a simple pocket; Because sloping and crooked pockets make you look taller and thinner than you are.

Multiple pockets

Many people like to use many pockets in their suit. In the past, these types of pockets were known as train ticket pockets. It is interesting to know that this type of pocket was used in the past for people who traveled a lot by train and put their train tickets in a special pocket. Nowadays, you will rarely find a suit with a train ticket pocket. Usually, there are 2 pockets of trousers which are placed opposite each other. Therefore, if you plan to have a casual and formal suit, it is better to avoid sewing a lot of pockets in your suit.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to 5 types of suit pockets models; However, you need to know a few things. If you like to have a formal and common suit, it is better to use a simple and flat pocket. The pocket of a flat suit with a square cut on it is a very suitable option for the suits of the elderly. If you are interested in casual and sporty suits, you can use a tube pocket. Now you can choose a slanted pocket or a straight pocket depending on your taste. Be careful that the most important point for sewing a pocket on a pantsuit is clean and simple sewing. Then ask your tailor to sew a clean pocket for you