Today, in this comprehensive article, we are going to take a look at Several tips about suits that every man should know

For many men, wearing a suit or a single coat means a certain elegance. It makes them look more mature and more serious. Suits are still the most popular choice for men in formal gatherings all over the world. This has made similar styles have many fans. The use of single coats and overcoats that borrowed their shape from formal coats also has its own fans all over the world. In this article, we will discuss some things that if you know about the suit, everything will go much more attractive.

Should we buy a suit or not?

First of all, you need to know what event you want the suits for? A business appointment? wedding party? Or maybe a friendly date where you need to show off your manly charm to get noticed?

If you have never had the experience of buying a suit, we suggest you start with two common but extremely attractive colors. Dark blue or charcoal gray. These two colors rarely suit anyone’s body. So try them.

These two colors leave you free to choose shirts and ties. Of course, the best choices in classic suits are simple and one-color shirts.

Bolder jackets and pants

If you want to be a little different and don’t wear a suit of one color, without a doubt, the best choice is the four house suit. Four-way suits are especially great for the 25-40 age range. You can also go for striped designs for the shirt and have a different choice about the crotch. This combination makes you very stylish for almost everywhere. You can go beyond the conventional rules and even use this combination for work dates. Maybe a little flexibility is needed so that your business meeting will achieve more than a few cups of tea and attention will be drawn to your suit and then to your speech.

Checkered Casual Blazer

Buttons and the constant challenge, which to close and which not to close

Once you have chosen the color and pattern of the fabric you want for the suit, now you have to decide on this ever-present challenge. Single button coat or two or more button coat. It is not difficult.

There are usually two different models of jackets in terms of their buttons, which are called single-breasted or double-breasted. Single-breasted jackets are those that have one or two buttons, and double-breasted jackets are those that have two, four, or six buttons. The choice between the two depends mostly on your own styles. But single-breasted suits are more common. So if you want to look a little different and of course more powerful, choose a double-breasted coat to give yourself a new experience of masculine charm. Just remember, you should never close the bottom button when wearing a single-breasted jacket. But in double-breasted jackets, two buttons will be a part of your style.

Another tip when it comes to choosing between one-button and two-button suits is knowing what occasion you’re choosing the suit for. Usually, two-button jackets are chosen for more formal events, because the lower button closure makes more of your shirt visible. Jackets with more than 2 buttons are suitable for more informal events.

The importance of fabric

It is interesting to know that the type of suits you wear has a direct relationship with whether it is formal or informal. Formal coats are usually made of wool. Their quality depends on the quality and type of wool used.

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Of course, it is better to find their weak point as well. Woolen fabrics wrinkle much more and faster, and you should get rid of the thought of wearing them in office and work environments. Because their order and decorum is at the level of an official assembly and they are not suitable for the work environment.

Venice Jade Green Two Pieces Suit

Size size and again size

Your suit size should not be too big. Make sure that the shoulders of the coat are not bigger than your shoulders. The length of the suits, except for exceptions, has fixed standards that must be followed. These subtle points make you look handsome and elegant. For regular coats that are not too long or short, when you wear the coat, put your hands by your body while standing, the length of the coat should be up to the tip of the thumb. The length of the sleeve should be such that one or two centimeters protrude from the edge of the shirt sleeve.

The length of the collar of the coat should be such that the collar of the shirt is outside the coat.

Pay attention to the length of the pants. The back edge of the pants should reach the lower edge of your shoe heel and your socks should not be seen when you walk. Of course, pay attention to the color of the socks and choose the same color as your pants. In addition, these days, it is no longer common to wear very loose and very tight pants in a suit.

An important point in suits pants is that their waist can be narrowed or widened by half to one size, and you won’t have to worry much about having pants that fit your figure.