Buying a suit , is very important thing that you’ll pay attention to it!

A suit is considered as a formal clothing for men, the wrong choice of it can make them look messy. In general, the right  suit can make you look neat, stylish and of course well-dressed.

This shows the importance of choosing a suit that fits your body. Keep in mind that you can’t buy the right clothes just by paying more money; But the tightness and looseness and the size of the clothes are very important in its fit on your body.

If you want to make a big impact, you need to know how to look good in a suit. Men  should pay attention to important points such as the right size or color and model When choosing and buying a suit, so that they look stylish and attractive with less costs.

GENEVA Light gray double breasted suit

But what are the features  of your suitable suit? This is a question that can be answered by examining various points of choosing a suit.

The first and most important thing you should pay attention to it , when buying a suit is its size, the size of the suit should fit your figure, neither tight nor loose.

When you buying a suit, paying attention to the shoulder size is very important. And if you are not careful in this matter, the presence of an asymmetric and inappropriate shoulder will endanger your look and style.

The length of the coat should be parallel and in line with your sleeve, and from the back, the end of the coat should be on the hips and not below it

To choose a suitable pair of trousers, you should consider various points. One of these things is the length of the pants. The length of the pants should be long enough to completely cover the shoes. Also, being short doesn’t make you look good.

The best way to accurately measure the length of your pants is to wear the shoes you want. After putting on the shoes, the end of the pants should be exactly above the shoes so that the size is correct.

Along with the length of the pants, its size is also very important in terms of whether it is tight or loose.

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Your body style plays an important role in choosing the right suit, whether you are fat or thin, short or tall, or having an athletic body are some of the points that you should pay attention to when choosing a suit.

Each suit model is suitable for any specific body type and style. Maybe it is for these differences that different models of suits are sewn and embroidered all over the world.

People who are not tall, it is better to use striped jacket models with the same colors between the pants and jacket to make your height appear taller.Tall people can prefer suits with contrasting colors and checkered designs.

Also, two-button jackets are suitable for short people, and if you are taller, three-button jackets are better for you.

Men who have a thin body should choose suits with busy designs because using this type of suit makes the thinness less visible. It is better for sportsmen and men who have a large body to use suits with dark colors as well as simple ones. Coats that have a cut are the best option because such coats make the upper body look slimmer.

Note that the size of the sleeve is also very important in the effect of the suit. The sleeve of the coat should not be too long, the best size for the sleeve is that the sleeve of your shirt should be one centimeter below the sleeve of the coat.

Suit color is another important criterion for buying a suit for men. The color of clothes has a great effect on the attractiveness and beauty of men’s faces and style. The  color of suits is generally chosen based on the color of the skin, the use of the suit, etc. For example, suits that are black are suitable for people with fair and medium skin. But it is not a suitable option for people with  Brunette and dark skin color. Gray suit: This type of suit is suitable for any skin color. People with light skin to very dark skin can use it. But a brown suit is only suitable for white people.

Dark blue suit, this suit is one of the most popular suits that are generally used by all people. Of course, dark blue color is more suitable for white or medium skinned people

In addition to choosing the right color in buying a suit, the situation and place where you are going to use it is very important in choosing a suit.

Men’s suits are available in a variety of models, sports suits, formal men’s suits for parties, and formal office suits, each of which is suitable for certain places.

Formal suits usually have dark colors and their fabrics are simpler, so brightly colored, patterned, or shiny coats are not suitable for meetings or formal parties.

The workplace has little formality compared to other situations, but the formality is still there. Because it is a daily occurrence. But unlike other formal situations and parties, it is necessary to choose a more comfortable suit in which you can be free and comfortable while working. This suit should not tire you during the day. Single button jackets are a perfect cover for the workplace.

Dark jade double breasted suit

A final point in buying a suit, different fabrics are used to sew men’s suits, each of which has special characteristics. Some of these fabrics with attractive designs are suitable for sports models, and others are used for sewing formal and classic suits.

We hope that you will choose the most suitable suit for you by observing these tips, surely choosing the right clothes in addition to the effect it has on your style and beauty will also increase your self-confidence.

The points mentioned in the above article were the most important points that you should pay attention to when buying a suit.