In this article we give important tips to become handsome.

As many of you know, appearance has a very important impact on how other people feel about you. To look good, always try to buy yourself things that mean a lot. To look good, pay attention to these things and try to always have at least one of the following items in your closet. Fando experts invite you to read the rest of the article.

1- Cufflinks (sleeve buttons)

Perhaps the cufflinks are very small and, according to many, not very important. But remember, if you want to look like a handsome gentleman, make sure to choose the right cufflinks.

2- watch

Have you ever heard this saying: A quality watch will save you for the rest of your life. Yes, exactly. Using expensive and branded wristwatches boosts your self-confidence. Watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe are luxury watches that are usually used by the wealthy.


A suit is one of the important items that can make any man handsome.

Every man should have at least two suits for different occasions. The two colors gray and navy are among the most formal colors commonly chosen for men’s suits.
Definitely, a quality suit can help you look more beautiful and fashionable.
If the suit is chosen correctly and with particular taste, it will definitely contribute the most to your beauty, and if you choose this item with great care and obsession, you can see its results at ceremonies and meetings. See something important.
So if you don’t know the basics and how to buy a good suit, click here.

4- Sunglasses

Choosing and using sunglasses is especially important on hot summer days. In addition, using it will make you visible to your audience and make you look better than before. When choosing sunglasses, remember to use dark frames and brown or black lenses and avoid wearing sunglasses with red and pink frames.
5- Men’s shoes

Be careful when choosing shoes. And try to get hold of branded and expensive shoes, because this category of shoes is usually made of natural leather and is very eye-catching in terms of appearance and design.

The 5 things we mentioned above were the most important factors to be good looking. In the fashion world there are other parameters that we will write about in the next few articles.