The color combination of shoes and suit is one of the most important points that every stylish man should pay special attention to it.

A suit is one of the clothes that make people look more formal, stylish and neat, but if the color of the shoes you wear does not match with your suit, your appearance will be messy. The set of suit and shoes has principles that if you know these principles, you will be able to dress well easily

The combination of the color of the suit with the color of the shoes should be in such a way that it harmonizes with each other and makes you more beautiful.

Black Suit

Since a black suit is found in every man’s wardrobe, it is necessary to know what color shoes go with it. A black suit does not go well with lighter colors, so it is better to choose black or dark brown shoes for this suit color so that your appearance looks uniform and proportionate. In this situation, you can choose the rest of your clothes or accessories in color and change your look a bit. If you want to look a little more attractive, choose a more modern shoes like a loafer instead of traditional models.

Navy Suit

If you have chosen a navy suit for yourself, you should know that this suit can be matched with any color of shoes. The best choice of shoes for this suit color are black, brown and wine or crimson colored shoes. You can choose any of these colors that match your interest.

Black shoes go well with a navy-colored suit, especially a dark-colored suit. To make your look more stylish, it is better to wear classic shoes such as oxfords, loafers or brogues… and enjoy your stylish and beautiful appearance.

Brown shoes, because they have a warm color, complement the navy suit, which has a cold color. So by wearing these two colors together, you will complete your look. This type is suitable for places where you want to get out of the monotony and simplicity and give a little variety to your appearance.

By combining colors such as black, brown and red, this color is crimson, which goes well with a navy suit. Crimson shoes convey a classic and modern feel, which is why you can hit two birds with one stone wearing this shoe.

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Gray Suit

If you are thinking of matching your gray suit with suitable shoes, you should know that the color tone of your suit is light or dark. There are many options for matching shoes with this suit color. Although light gray is easier to match, there are many options for both.

If your choice for a suit is dark gray, it is better to choose black shoes because this color of shoes is suitable for a gray suit. This composition is very simple and elegant and is a good choice for formal events.

Although it is not wise to pair brown shoes with a gray suit, wine or crimson shoes will be a good choice to combination with them. This type is a great choice not only for formal parties but also for informal parties.

Just as you paired black shoes with a dark gray suit, you can wear black shoes with light gray. This shoe color gives your appearance a more formal look

A light gray suit goes unexpectedly well with brown shoes. The warm brown color complements the cold color of your suit and will be one of the best choices for your hot summer days. If you want to have a more modern look, wear light brown shoes and for a traditional look, wear dark brown shoes.

Wine is one of the best shoes colors for a light gray suit. To have a striking and attractive look, pair wine-colored shoes with a light gray suit and take advantage of the contrast that these two colors create together to make you more attractive. But when choosing a wine shoes model, be careful to choose a simple shoes model because the simpler you are with this style, the more stylish you will look.

Cream or Beige suit


One of the best choices for hot summer days is a cream colored suit. If you have considered this color of suit for yourself, be sure to choose light colored shoes.

Light brown shoes are the best combination for light colored suits like cream. These shoes color are not only suitable for hot summer days, but its classic model also comes to life for formal parties. Oxford, loafer and brogue shoes will be a good choice for you.

If you are thinking of a little more informal parties, white shoes are also a good option to combination with a cream suit. This type is also very suitable for seasons like spring and summer due to its light color. Just remember that the shoes model you choose should be sports. For example, sneakers can complete your look.

Blue Suit

A blue suit is a special and first-class combination for men in social interactions. This suit color is usually used more in summer. The appropriate color of shoes for a suit is light blue, light brown, brown and black.

White Suit

One of the suits that men have a hard time choosing is white suits. Do not forget that, this suit should be matched with the shoes and accessories of your choice with great sensitivity. In the fashion industry, a white suit can be considered a formal and special dress that many men choose for parties and celebrations. White suit is mostly used for events like weddings, this can be because the groom looks more special with this suit.

The best shoes to combination with this suit would be white, brown or any other light color.