The attractive color combination of shirt and suit is one of the important points that every handsome man should follow.

Since corporate formal wear is usually a defined cover, you should wear clothes that are not boring at all. Therefore, keeping this important in mind, we have provided you with a complete guide of color combinations for men’s shirts, suits and ties, which you can use to differentiate yourself from others.

Basics of matching shirt and tie

Usually by choosing standard colors for the shirt, there is never a mistake in matching. Make sure you have all the main colors like white, sky blue and light pink. This gives you more freedom when you want to match your shirt with a tie and makes it easier for you. Patterned shirts are good options for making a change, but always try to use traditional patterned shirts and colors such as simple checkered or salt stone linen to look sober and heavy and for ties, taffeta ties and rough are good options for a real change.

Also, to have a classic look, silk ties are good options, and if you want to give your look the most change and also look different from fashion, using a narrow striped silk tie is a good choice.

Keep in mind that suits with original and classic colors (black, gray, burgundy, etc.) are recommended for matching with the following tie and shirt combinations and are easily combined with them.

Pair with a white dress

To have an all-over cover, white is preferred as a spectrum of all colors, and often this color can be matched with all colors. Its main tone is classic, cold and clean. These clothes give us more freedom to combine with all kinds of ties. No matter what type of tie you have chosen for yourself (plain and simple, classic stripes, old designs, modern textures), white is undoubtedly the easiest and most obvious choice that does not require any more thinking and time.


The combination of white shirt and black suit

For sure, the white shirt and black suit set is an eternal and acceptable combination for all times. In addition, most colors look good next to white and black (especially the colors that have the shade of the main colors), monochromatic ties are more suitable for a black and white shirt and jacket set. To have a more classic look than black and white, you can use different types of ties that have specific texture and pattern.

The combination of white shirt and gray suit

Since white and gray colors are both neutral colors, it is necessary to use streaks of other colors in the combination of these two to give warmth to this combination. By adding red tones to the combination of gray coat and white shirt, you can add warmth to this work and complete it and give yourself an elegant look. Therefore, to have an ideal and classic combination, create an eye-catching combination by adding red tone to gray color.


The combination of white shirt and navy suit

It has been proven that for a modern and contemporary man and especially for a formal outfit, the combination of white and dark brown is attractive and ideal. For school uniforms, use ties with different designs, such as checkered designs, which have the same color tone as blue. Also, use taffeta cravats in basic colors such as cherry red and grass green to have a clean and classic look next to white and dark brown.

The combination of white shirt and bronze suit (light tan)

Checkered Casual Blazer
For a light tan suit with a white shirt, using colors with a blue tone will be your best choices. A variety of colors with a blue tone are undoubtedly complementary and warm to a light tan suit, so be careful about the tone of the colors you choose. Dark blue taffeta ties with a variety of designs such as horizontal lines give life to your outfit, and the light blue color also adds freshness and polish to your simple white shirt.

Combination with blue shirts


Blue color is usually one of the best options for clothes. At first glance, this color is a great change from classic white, while still being formal and conservative. Blue color is a good option to have a good combination with light tan color and add warmth to your set. Indigo is another good choice that looks incredible with a variety of good tie designs and colors. Light blue is also compatible with most skin and hair colors, and makes you look attractive. For light blue work clothes, cravats from the family of the same color, but darker, add dignity to people’s faces like a dark blue. In the same way, the use of dark patterned ties or crimson silk ties and dark green types are suitable for a formal type.


Combination of blue shirt and gray suit


When a blue shirt and a gray suit are your choice, you definitely want to differentiate between your tie and your shirt. The best idea for this is to choose a dark blue tie, which, in addition to being the same color as your shirt, is also different from the light blue color of your shirt.Using silk ties gives your appearance more polish, and taffeta ties add beauty and originality to your outfit. Likewise, you can add creativity to your appearance by using pink and purple colors without straying too far from the main color of your work.